The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game Anniversary Edition

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Dit is een jubileum heruitgave van het The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game van twintig jaar geleden. Deze The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game Anniversary Edition is vrijwel gelijk aan het oorspronkelijke spel maar bevat nu plastic miniaturen voor de vier hobbits, Sauron en de ring.


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“I will take the Ring,” he said, “though I do not know the way.”
– Frodo at the Council of Elrond,
The Fellowship of the Ring

taal First published in 2000, The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game has been a seminal classic and an iconic tabletop retelling of J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy, created by world renowned game designer, Reiner Knizia, and brought to life with the stunning artwork of John Howe. Twenty years later, the game returns to print in a brand-new anniversary edition—a faithful recreation that now includes beautifully sculpted plastic miniatures for the hobbits, Sauron, the threat die, and the One Ring.

The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game Anniversary Edition is the definitive edition of this classic cooperative board game, challenging you and up to four other players to play through the entire trilogy, from the long darkness of Moria and the ferocious battles beneath the walls of Helm’s Deep, to the shadows of Shelob’s Lair and the dusty grey wastes of Mordor. In every location, you and your fellow Hobbits must push forward, battling the forces of the Dark Lord and marching ever closer to the Cracks of Doom and the destruction of the One Ring. The road is long, the Eye of Sauron is watchful, and the threat of the Ring’s corruption is ever-present. Can you save the Free Peoples of Middle-earth and destroy the One Ring?

    Game Contents:
  • 1 Master Game Board
  • 2 Double-sided Conflict Game Boards
  • 60 Quest Cards
  • 35 Legendary Cards
  • 5 Gandalf Cards
  • 23 Story Tiles
  • 5 Hobbit Cards
  • 5 Plastic Hobbit Figures
  • 1 Plastic Black Rider Figure
  • 5 Activity Markers
  • 1 Event Marker
  • 11 Life Tokens
  • 26 Silver Rune Tokens
  • 6 Gold Rune Tokens
  • 1 Plastic Ring
  • 1 Threat Die

bron: Fantasy Flight Games

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Gewicht1660 g
Afmetingen29,5 × 29,5 × 7,5 cm




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