Black Panther & Killmonger- Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game expansion

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Een set van twee nieuwe personages voor het miniaturenspel Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

De Marvel: Crisis Protocol Black Panther & Killmonger expansion bevat onbeschilderde miniaturen van Black Panther en Killmonger en alle spelstukken die je nodig hebt om Black Panther en zijn aartsrivaal Killmonger in te kunnen zetten.

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Let the Hunt begin!

taal King T’Challa is the leader of Wakanda, a technologically advanced nation that houses rich deposits of the precious metal vibranium. As Black Panther, T’Challa connects to the panther god Bast by eating a special heart-shaped herb, thereby gaining superhuman abilities. T’Challa uses these powers to protect Wakanda and the world from those who would seek it harm.

A fallen son of Wakanda, Erik Killmonger desires to rule Wakanda. An expert in hand-to-hand combat, Killmonger also possesses enhanced strength, agility, speed, and stamina. This allows him to go toe to toe with his nemesis, the Black Panther, and makes him a dangerous threat for anyone who stands in his way.

The box contains everything players need to add Black Panther & Killmonger to their Marvel: Crisis Protocol collections.

Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

  • 1 Black Panther miniature
  • 1 Killmonger miniature
  • 2 Bases
  • 2 Character Stat Cards
  • 3 Team Tactics Cards
  • 1 Crisis Card
  • 1 Affiliation Card
  • 15 Tokens

bron: Atomic Mass Games / Asmodee The Netherlands

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Afmetingen16,5 × 11,5 × 3,3 cm



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