Thor & Valkyrie – Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game expansion


Een set van twee nieuwe personages voor het miniaturenspel Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

De Marvel: Crisis Protocol Thor & Valkyrie expansion bevat onbeschilderde miniaturen van Thor & Valkyrie en alle spelstukken die je nodig hebt om deze twee legendarische strijders uit Asgard te kunnen inzetten.

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For Asgard!

taal Thor, prince of Asgard, son of Odin the All-Father, wields the mighty hammer Mjolnir, which grants him command over lightning and storms. As an Asgardian, Thor is blessed with superhuman stamina, durability, and speed and stands as one of the strongest beings of the Universe. A stalwart memnber of the Avengers, Thor never rests in his fight to prove himself worthy.

The fierce warrior Valkyrie is leader of the legendary Asgardian Valkyrior, Odin’s personal unit of shield-maidens. Her Asgardian physiology grants her superhuman strength, stamina, and durability, but it is her extensive skill with a blade that places her among the greatest fighters in all of Asgard.

The box contains everything players need to add Thor & Valkyrie to their Marvel: Crisis Protocol collections.

Miniatures are supplid unassembled and unpainted.

  • 1 Thor miniature
  • 1 Valkyrie miniature
  • 2 Bases
  • 2 Character Stat Cards
  • 2 Team Tactics Cards
  • 1 Crisis Card
  • 1 Affiliation Card
  • 15 Tokens

bron: Atomic Mass Games / Asmodee The Netherlands

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