Thundercats pack 1 (Zombicide expansion)

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taal In the whole of Third Earth there are none so vile as the evil Mumm-Ra, one of the most ancient servants of the Spirit of Evil. Mumm-Ra’s mastery over magic and technology has given him fearsome powers beyond anything the denizens of Thundera could have imagined. And now, with his ultimate plan wreaking untold destruction across the world, Mumm-Ra takes to the field to command his zombie hordes as a necromancer, or from the forefront as a mighty abomination! The Thunderans shall bow before the might of Mumm-Ra and the Power Stone shall be his!
If there’s any hope of survival, Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Wilykit, Wilykat,Cheetara, and Snarf must battle against the villainous Slithe, Jackalman and their zombie hordes for control of Thundera. Powerful artifacts will aid their battle. But, in the end, it will be their strength of will and fearsome resolve that sees them to victory!

ThunderCats Pack #1 gives Zombicide: Black Plague players four new characters to take on the undead hordes. The set includes Lion-O, Cheetara, and Snarf, along with Slithe. Each also has a Signature Weapon card, letting players gear them up properly when fighting against the groups of zombies ravaging the countryside.

  • 4 Miniatures
  • 4 ID Cards (Multi Language)
  • 4 Equipment Cards (Multi Language)
  • 1 Reference Card (Multi Language)

Not a complete game. A Zombicide: Black Plague or Green Horde core game box is needed to enjoy this expansion.

bron: Guillotine Games / CMON / Asmodee The Netherlands

Extra informatie

Gewicht192 g
Afmetingen16,2 × 12 × 4 cm



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