The Veiled Dungeon, a RPG Toolbox


Battle Maps and Accompanying Encounters, Monsters & Adventure.

nederlands: Deze Toolbox bevat alles wat je nodig hebt om je spelers The Veiled Dungeon te laten onderzoeken. Ontworpen om te worden gebruikt als een op zichzelf staand (5E) avontuur, of als een uitgelezen collectie met monsters, NPC’s, ontmoetingen, kaarten en meer die eenvoudig in je eigen campaigns gebruikt kan worden.

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Enter the Veiled Dungeon!

taalThis toolbox contains everything you need to explore the Veiled Dungeon. Designed to be used either as a stand-alone adventure, or a toolbox of monsters, NPCs, encounters, maps and more that can be easily inserted into your own campaigns.

This RPG Toolbox contains a 5E ready-to-roll adventure and the maps to play it on. They feature dozens of unique monsters and NPCs who can be encountered in this unique setting.

The modular writing allows the content to be easily inserted into your campaign! Each map, or area (a small group of maps combined) has its own encounters written just for it, so you can take out any area, individual map, encounter or monster to use as you see fit. And it really is that easy!

    This Box contains:
  • 20 Fold Out Maps
    • 10 double-sided 11x17inch sheets
    • Wet and Dry marker compatible

  • 40 Monster Cards
    • Deck of unique monster cards

  • Reference Book
    • 100+ 5E random encounters
    • 5E Adventure: Raiders of the Cerulean Ruins
    • Dungeon adventure generators
    • 40 Unique monster stats & descriptions

This Toolbox is not a RPG system in its own right. It is designed to be used with 5th edition, and is easily adaptable for other systems and homebrew games. Simply add to a world of your own creation or favorite published setting!

bron: Loke Battle Mats

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Boxed set


September 2023


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