Tales from the Shadow


14 Dark Fantasy 5E Adventures

nederlands: Tales from the Shadow bevat 14 avonturen met een donker tintje. De scenario’s kunnen los van elkaar gespeeld worden maar ook in volgorde en vormen dan een samenhangende campaign.
Deze avonturen zijn geschreven voor de 5th Edition regelset.


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Dare You Tread the Twisting Paths of Shadow?

taal In the Shadow Realm, mysterious places abound, guarded by denizens both strange and wondrous. From woods dark and eerie to courts of noble fey, all paths lead to haunts, ruins, machinations, and subterfuge.
Tales from the Shadowes delivers fast, memorable 5th Edition adventures on the dark side!

    Inside this 192-page tome, find:
  • 14 new adventures, suitable for levels 1–8, playable separately or in sequence
  • Heroes must defeat cunning creatures, solve enigmas, and thwart malevolent intrigues!
  • A background plot thread surrounding a fabled item, the Shadow Grimoire, which ties these adventures together
  • 28 full-color maps and dozens of illustrations
  • New monsters, NPC’s, magic items, and easy prep for your next game!

Gather your courage and turn a wary eye toward the gloaming!

Fully compatible with the 5th Edition ruleset.

bron: Kobold Press

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Gewicht822 g
Afmetingen28,5 × 22,2 × 1,4 cm






192 pagina's, fullcolor, hardcover


September 2022


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