Steppe of the Lizard Thane (Epic Encounter)

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Grab an EPIC encounter for your next fantasy roleplaying game!

nederlands: Epic Encounters is een reeks van kant-en-klare encounters voor je rollenspel, geschikt voor zowel nieuwe als ervaren spelers. Iedere uitgave bevat miniaturen, avontuurinformatie met de bijbehorende kaart en tips hoe je de encounter kan gebruiken.

Steppe of the Lizard Thane bevat o.a. 18 zeer gedetailleerde miniaturen (in 6 verschillende modellen), een dubbelzijdig bedrukte speelmat, een adventure boek en speltips.


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Everything you need to create an Epic Encounter for your roleplaying game…

taal A people as ancient as the steppe they call home, the Lizard Folk whisper of war in uncanny, hissing voices. Nearby kingdoms live in fear of their brutal raids and the destruction left in their wake. Some say they eat the dead. Others believe they wield alien magic. One thing’s for sure: no one has dared venture into their realm for many a year. Until now.

Inside this box is everything you need to run a reptilian roleplaying encounter. Perfect for new and experienced players, Steppe of the Lizard Thane is ready to play, right away, as part of a new or existing campaign. The Lizard Folk are brutal warriors who fight with savage ferocity. Their lightning raids leave few survivors.
Can you survive against these cold-blooded combatants of the steppe? Danger, discovery, and adventure await!

  • 18 highly detailed (unpainted) miniatures (6 unique sculpts)
  • Double-sided game mat
  • Briny adventure book
  • Monster stats
  • Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

Designed to work with the 5th edition of the world’s favourite roleplaying game, this set gives any Gamemaster the tools to create a cinematic experience that will challenge and thrill their players.

bron: Steamforged Games

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Gewicht843 g
Afmetingen29,5 × 22 × 7 cm






Mei 2023


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