Star Wars X-Wing 2.0 YT-2400 Light Freighter Expansion Pack

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taal Uitbreidingsset voor het Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition miniaturenspel.

Dit YT-2400 Light Freighter Expansion Pack voor X-Wing Second Edition bevat een fraai beschilderd YT-2400 Light Freighter miniatuur en o.a. 2 Ship Cards en 8 Upgrade Cards.

Let op: dit is geen standalone spel, de X-Wing (Second Edition) Core Set of Squadron Starter Pack is vereist.

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taal A classic light freighter returns to Star Wars: X-Wing in this pack! A fast and resilient light freighter, the YT-2400 features a variety of weapon emplacement points, making it an attractive vessel for smugglers who favor a heavily armed “transport”. This pack adds one of these ships to players’ collections along with new ship cards for Rebel hero Dash Rendar and his droid companion Leebo. Joining these two pilots are two standard loadout cards that give players everything they need to jump into action and reprints of 8 upgrade cards that invite players to outfit their YT-2400 to their specifications.

  • 1 Painted Plastic Ship with Stand
  • 2 Ship Cards
  • 4 Standard Loadout Cards
  • 8 Upgrade Cards
  • 3 Punch Sheets
  • 1 Insert

This is not a complete game experience. X-Wing (Second Edition) Core Set or Squadron Starter Pack is required to play.

bron: Asmodee The Netherlands

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Gewicht265 g
Afmetingen20 × 12 × 7,5 cm



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