Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion (Star Wars: Legion accessory)


Accessoire voor het miniaturenspel Star Wars™: Legion.

taal De Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion bevat twaalf onbeschilderde miniaturen van o.a. kratten, Comm Stations en moisture vaporators. Gebruik ze als dekking voor je eenheden of gebruik ze om een hinderlaag op te zetten.


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“Get them to activate the connection between us and that Comms Tower!”
– Bodhi Rook

taal The battles of Star Wars: Legion can rage across the galaxy. You may be fighting in the desert wastes of Tatooine, the snow fields of Hoth, the grassy fields of Lothal, or the tropical beaches of Scarif. No matter where the Galactic Civil War takes you, the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion has the miniatures to bring new life to your battlefields.

Your troops may hunker down behind sturdy barricades or desperately maneuver to secure crates, comms stations, and moisture vaporators. With a total of twelve objective miniatures, you’ll have everything you need to bring a new level of Star Wars realism to your games of Star Wars: Legion.

  • 12 unpainted Plastic Miniatures
  • 3 Battle Cards
  • 1 Rulesheet

Not a complete game. A Star Wars™: Legion Core set is required to play.

bron: Fantasy Flight Games / Asmodee The Netherlands

Extra informatie

Gewicht161 g
Afmetingen16,5 × 20,5 × 6,5 cm



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