Forbidden Woods (Bloodborne The Board Game expansion)


Trek beyond Yharnam’s borders into the wilds.

Forbidden Woods is een grote uitbreiding voor Bloodborne: The Board Game waarmee deze verdorven wildernis tot leven wordt gebracht door middel van 12 nieuwe tiles, waarmee je 2 volledige campaigns kunt spelen, plus een side-mission. De uitbreiding bevat o.a. 21 miniaturen, waaronder 5 soorten Enemies en 2 Bosses!

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The forests beyond Yharnam are rarely the object of a Hunt, but when the horrors that creep beneath the trees are seen in the outskirts, the Hunters must plunge beneath the dark canopy to beat back the rising tide of infection and madness. But beware, for the Woods are treacherous, confussing, and malevolent. Succor may be found in sparse villages and settlements, but such places tend to breed secrets and lurking terrors. There is much afoot in the Woods tonight!
Prepare for the Hunt!

taal During the day, the woods provide materials for building and cooking and are a source of food. But when darkness falls, different types of creatures begin to roam about and it’s an entirely different breed of Hunter that moves among the trees. The Forbidden Woods are known as that for a reason, but to stop a growing threat, the Hunters are going in.

The Forbidden Woods expansion for Bloodborne: The Board Game gives players two full campaigns and a side mission that they can attempt. Players can come across treasures that are found nowhere else, but they must be careful, as the woods conceal all new types of monsters and two new bosses lurking in the dense foliage. The twisting streets of Yharnam might seem quaint by comparison. Players can even embark on the side mission during their regular games of Bloodborne: The Board Game by simply adding the special side mission to their campaign.

  • 18 Enemy Miniatures
  • 3 Boss Miniatures
  • 12 Map Tiles
  • 2 Boss HP Cards
  • 20 Boss Action Cards
  • 131 Campaign Cards
  • 5 Enemy Cards
  • 2 Firearm Cards
  • 11 Reward Cards
  • 5 Dark Rite Cards
  • 10 Ritual Material Cards
  • 1 Rules Card

Requires the Bloodborne The Board Game core box to play.

bron: CMON Global Limited / Asmodee The Netherlands

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Gewicht1497 g
Afmetingen30,7 × 30,7 × 8,2 cm




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