Dungeons & Lasers: Woodland Dwellers

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The forest has been taken over!

nederlands: Dungeons & Lasers: Woodland Dwellers is een verzameling van 30 PVC-vrije plastic miniaturen van allerlei wezens die je in de wouden van fantasy werelden kan tegenkomen.


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The forest has been taken over!

taal When venturing deep into the forest, be mindful of the myriad of creatures that you may encounter on your path. Prepare yourself, as a simple stroll through the woods can quickly turn into a fight for survival. Especially if you come across a cunning witch or a hungry werewolf.

  • Easy assembly – Cut out and glue the parts with ease!
  • Various creatures – From little spiders to a Black Unicorn.
  • Universal use – Compatible with every RPG system.
  • Rich in details – Every mini as well as their armor, weapons, and accessories look realistic.
      The box contains 30 models:
    • Fungal 1
    • Fungal 2
    • Swamp Zombie
    • Witch
    • Wasp 1
    • Centipede 1
    • Centipede 2
    • White Stag
    • Wasp 2
    • Wasp 3
    • Small Spider 1
    • Small Spider 2
    • Small Spider 3
    • Wolf 1
    • Wolf 2
    • Black Unicorn
    • Werewolf Man
    • Carnivore Plant
    • Satyr
    • Shambling Mound
    • Manticore
    • Werewolf
    • Centaur Shaman
    • Centaur Archer
    • Centaur Warrior
    • Swamp Golem
    • Wolf 3
    • Peryton
    • Spider Queen
    • Fungal Queen
    • 16x 50mm scenic bases
    • 24x 25mm scenic base

    Models come unpainted and require manual assembly.

    bron: Archon Studio

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    Gewicht593 g
    Afmetingen16,5 × 27,7 × 10,2 cm





    Oktober 2023


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