D&D Trials of Tempus Board Game (standard edition)


Answer the Call and Fight for Glory

Dungeons & Dragons: Trials of Tempus is een coöperatief, teamgebaseerd spel voor 2-8 spelers, waarin rivaliserende groepen heroïsche avonturiers strijden om hun waarde en moed te bewijzen in de steeds veranderende Battlerealms van Tempus, God of War!

Prepare for Battle. But be Ready for Anything.

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Ready Your Weapons and Sharpen Your Wits

Summoned by a great flaming sword in the sky, bold adventurers gather to face the challenge issued by the Lord of Battles himself.

taal Dungeons & Dragons: Trials of Tempus is a cooperative, team-based game for 2-8 players, where rival parties of Heroic adventurers battle to prove their worth and mettle in the ever-changing Battlerealms of Tempus, God of War!

Choose your Hero wisely, for the skills and allies you need to conquer each Trial are never the same, and the Guardian that awaits you all at the end will surely test the limits of your bravery… or is it your cunning?
The Trial will tell.

To win, you and your party must work together to earn more Victory Points than your rivals by completing Quests and gathering Loot! Finally, you must defeat the Trial Guardian. Whichever party has the most Victory Points when the Trial Guardian falls wins the Trial!

  • 9 Double-sided Game Board Tiles
  • 25 Miniatures
  • 8 Class Mats
  • 8 Class Decks
  • 8 Character Decks
  • 16 Subclass Decks
  • 10 Quest Cards
  • 10 Monster Cards
  • 30 Loot Cards
  • 40 Event Cards
  • 326 Tokens/Status Rings
  • 3 Reference Cards
  • 4 D20’s
  • 1 Rulebook

bron: Wizkids/NECA LLC

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Gewicht3400 g
Afmetingen31 × 31 × 11,7 cm





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