Cthulhu: Death May Die


The ritual is nearly complete.
The Unspeakable Old Ones will enter our world.
You can’t stop it. You have to destroy them.

Een eeuwenoude sekte is bezig een Great Old One op te roepen en de onderzoekers (de spelers) zijn hier wat laat achter gekomen!
Alleen door intensieve samenwerking, en een bundeling van ieders unieke vaardigheden, lukt het de spelers wellicht om de mysteries uit de zes verhalen in de doos op te lossen. Makkelijk zal dat natuurlijk niet zijn maar als het lukt hebben de spelers wellicht voldoende middelen bemachtigd om het ritueel te verstoren en de daardoor verzwakte Elder One te doden.
Ben je klaar om de wereld te redden?


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The ritual cannot be stopped, but the cultists’ plans might still be.

taal The cultists have been painstaking preparing for this moment for quite some time. An Elder God, a being adrift in a different dimension, has reached out into their minds, giving them the knowledge necessary to awaken it and bring it into our own world, unleashing its hellish powers on the unsuspecting populace. Too late did the Investigators find out about it. The final ritual has begun. But with a little luck, the god might just be vulnerable for a moment after being summoned. That’s when they can shoot it in the face.

Cthulhu: Death May Die puts players in charge of Investigators looking to defeat an Elder God that is being summoned to Earth. They are running late, as the summoning ritual is already underway. But if they can collect enough clues to find a weakness, or alter the ritual just enough to cause one, they can blast the god to death before it gets a foothold. Working together, players will fight cultists, search for answers, and try to keep their already-broken minds from warping even further.

  • 45 Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 14 Double-Sided Tiles
  • 1 Story Board
  • 10 Investigator Boards
  • 64 Mythos Cards
  • 90 Discovery Cards
  • 12 Insanity Cards
  • 8 Elder One Cards
  • 2 Elder One Minions Cards
  • 6 Episode Cards
  • 6 Episode Monster cards
  • 8 Custaomn Dice
  • 5 Colored Bases
  • 30 Plastic Markers
  • 147 Tokens

bron: Cool Mini Or Not / Asmodee The Netherlands

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