Chronicles of Conan Vol.10 – When Giants Walk the Earth & other stories


When Giants Walk the Earth & other stories

De klassieke comic-verhalen over Conan de Barbaar in een geheel remasterde versie!

Nieuw, ongelezen exemplaar in mint conditie.

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When Giants Walk the Earth & other stories

taal Treading the long and winding path towards his eventual monarchy, Conan becomes witness to the corruption and devastation of many a fantastic kingdom along the way. Not the least of which being the marvelous, and equally dangerous, lands of Harakht – home to the fearsome Hawk-Riders and their enormous avian beasts. Despite the overwhelming odds and the presence of a mysterious, earthbound space rock, it will take more than a flock of giants and savage birds to strike fear in the Barbarian’s heart.
With his love, Bélit Рthe Queen of the Black Coast Рat his side, no threats, terrestial or otherwise, will prevent Conan from fulfilling his destiny.

Collecting issues #72-77 and 79-82 of Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian series.

Featuring fully restored text and completely remastered color.

New, unread, mint copy!

bron: Dark Horse Books

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Gewicht390 g
Afmetingen26 × 17 × 0,8 cm

Comics (Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Conan the Barbarian)



Roy Thomas


John Buscema, Howard Chaykin and others



168 pages, fullcolor, softcover TPB



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