Cardassian Union – Star Trek Ascendancy Player Expansion Set


Totalitarian Conquerors

Cardassian Union is een Player Expansion Set voor Star Trek: Ascendancy.
Deze set voegt nieuwe werelden toe en komt met tien nieuwe Exploration Cards en alles wat je nodig hebt om een nieuwe beschaving en een extra speler aan Star Trek: Ascendancy toe te voegen.


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taal The Cardassian Union is the first of a series of player expansions for Star Trek: Ascendancy.
A player expansion contains everything you need to add a new civilization and another player to your games.

The Cardassian Union Player Expansion adds ten new cards to the deck, introducing new challenges for civilizations as they explore the Galaxy.
Brutalize your rivals and dominate worlds! Bring the military might of the Cardassians to bear in the game and learn how they combine cunning and ruthlessness to defeat their enemies.

    Cardassian Union includes:
  • 1 Command Console
  • 10 System Discs
  • 27 Space Lanes
  • 3 Fleet Cards
  • 3 Fleet Markers
  • 30 Plastic Ships
  • 10 Control Nodes
  • 1 Reference Cards
  • 10 Exploration Cards
  • 3 Trade Agreements
  • 15 Advancement Cards
  • 19 Resource Nodes
  • 79 Tokens

bron: Gale Force Nine / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.

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