Baphomet, The Horned King (D&D Icons of the Realms, Premium Painted Miniature)(1)


Icons of the Realms – Premium Painted Miniature

Een gedetailleerd, ruim 11 cm hoog en geheel voorbeschilderd miniatuur van Baphomet, The Horned King met een transparante 75mm base.
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Premium, Pre-Painted Out-of-the-Box HD mini for D&D

taal Civilization is weakness and savagery is strength in the credo of Baphomet, the Horned King and the Prince of Beasts. He rules over minotaurs and others with savage hearts. He is worshiped by those who want to break the confines of civility and unleash their bestial natures, for Baphomet envisions a world without restraint, where creatures live out their most savage desires.

This impressive miniature stands just below 4.5 inches (11,4 cm) tall on a clear 75mm base. Baphomet is featured in both Out of the Abyss and Decent into Avernus and would make a great addition to either of these fantastic adventures or as part of a growing collection.
Suitable for D&D or any other fantasy game.

bron: Wizkids/NECA LLC

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Gewicht286 g
Afmetingen16 × 14,5 × 16 cm





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