Arcane & Might (Adventures & Academia: First Class)

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Adventures & Academia First Class – Arcane & Might is een verzameling studenten die een opleiding volgen aan de Grand Academy, de beste opleiding voor iedere avonturier!
De set bestaat uit zes gebruiksklare, zeer gedetailleerde PVC-miniaturen, die elk een iconische rollenspelklasse vertegenwoordigen.

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Even the Best Adventurers had to go to School!

taal Your adventures will surely make the grade with this set of six preassembled, highly-detailed PVC miniatures, each representing an iconic roleplaying class.

Barnaby, Letha, and Rusya are pupils of promising magical means belonging to House Arcane.
House Arcane seeks to prove magic can overcome any obstacle. Here warlocks, sorcerers, and wizards all learn magical power is to be understood and wielded in equal measure. Unlocking the secrets of magic isn’t without its mishaps, and House Arcane is responsible for the majority of admissions to the Academy’s infirmary.

Arthur, Bondus, and Vianola are powerful protégés of House Might.
Founded by Tizon, a sentient magical sword, House Might is home to those who seek to master their physical might and become the best fighters they can be. Inner strength, determination, and discipline are the house’s key virtues.
Home to fighters, monks, and barbarians, House Might teaches its students both the logistics of leadership and mastery of their chosen weapon — be it the blade, fist, or mind.
This is the house of self-improvement. It seeks to prove that the mind can master the body, and anybody can become the best version of themselves through hard work and dedication.

Free character sheets and a themed 5e one-shot adventure can be found at You can also create your own stories at the Grand Academy, or use any 5e-compatible campaign setting you like — the choice is yours!

    This set set contains 6 highly detailed college student miniatures, 3 from each house:
  • House Arcane
    • Owlkin Wizard
    • Human Sorceress
    • Elf Warlock

  • House Might
    • Lionfolk Barbarian
    • Tortle Monk
    • Elf Fighter

Made with PVC Plastic, Ready to play straight from the box! No assembly required!
Miniatures supplied unpainted.

bron: Steamforged Games Ltd

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Gewicht163 g
Afmetingen17,2 × 15 × 4 cm





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