Android Hired Gun (Starfinder Miniatures)(1)


Starfinder Miniature

Deze set bevat een gedetailleerd miniatuur van een Android Hired Gun in 32mm schaal, te gebruiken voor o.a. het Starfinder RPG.

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taal Complex technological creations crafted to resemble humans, androids were originally a servitor race, but they have since broken free to form their own society. Unlike ordinary robots or ship AIs, androids do not simply respond according to their programming, rather, they have independent consciousnesses and are animated by souls—a distinction crucial to their generally accepted status as people rather than property.

    Box contains:
  • 1x Starfinder Android Hired Gun Miniature
  • 32mm scaled
  • High Quality Plastic
  • Scenic base included

This model comes unpainted and requires manual assembly.

bron: Archon Studio

Extra informatie

Gewicht21 g
Afmetingen14,5 × 8 × 2,5 cm





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