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Space, The Final Frontier…

nederlands: De Player’s Guide voor het Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game biedt een schat aan volledig nieuwe informatie en adviezen voor spelers die onbekend zijn met Star Trek of Star Trek Adventures, maar ook voor ervaren spelers die op zoek zijn naar aanvullende begeleiding en nieuwe character-opties om de vaardigheden van hun personages te verbeteren.
Alle informatie in dit boek is nieuw en vormt een aanvulling op het materiaal en de speltips uit de basisregelboeken en andere supplementen.

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Let’s see what’s out there. Engage!
– Captain Jean-Luc Picard

taal The Player’s Guide for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game presents a wealth of all-new information and advice for gamers new to Star Trek and to Star Trek Adventures, as well as for experienced players looking for additional guidance and new player character options to enhance their characters and games. All content in this book is new and supplements the material and advice found in the core rulebooks and other supplements. The first chapter is duplicated in the Gamemaster’s Guide to ensure gamemasters and players have a common frame of reference.

The Star Trek universe is ready to be explored. What character will you play?

This full color, 264 page digest-sized book (approx. 17 x 22 x 2 cm) is packed full of player-focused options, advice, tables, and artwork, all designed to enhance your Star Trek Adventures game.

    The Player’s Guide contains:
  • A wealth of new character options, including new non-Starfleet character roles, more than 40 new talents, additional details on existing character roles and insights into using the game mechanics gleaned from 4 years of feedback and development.
  • An overview of key Star Trek setting details and technology to help immerse you and your fellow players into the setting.
  • Definitions of six key Star Trek eras, enabling you to take part in stories anywhere in the Star Trek timeline, and nine distinct play styles, from deep space exploration to close to home, and beyond.
  • Guidance on how to be an engaged, active, and supportive player, and insights on building characters collaboratively with your group.
  • All contents are adaptable for use with groups of pioneering Starfleet officers, fearless Klingon warriors, or daring crews of any polity.

This guide requires a Star Trek Adventures core rulebook to use.

bron: Modiphius Entertainment

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Full color Hardcover, 264 pagina's


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