Pathfinder Treasure Vault (Pathfinder 2nd Ed)


Een rulebook voor Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

nederlands: Pathfinder Treasure Vault onthult de glinsterende schat van een angstaanjagende draak, gepresenteerd door de moedige kobold-assistent van dit wezen. Dit hardcover rulebook van 224 pagina’s bevat een catalogus met nieuwe uitrustingen uit bijna elke categorie uitrusting en magisch itemd die beschikbaar zijn in het Pathfinder RPG, terwijl ook geheel nieuwe item-categorieën worden geïntroduceerd. Geef je held het perfecte gereedschap voor de klus met kenmerkende wapens, aanpasbare relikwieën en wonderbaarlijke items die aan al je wensen voldoen, terwijl je je voorbereidt op elke gebeurtenis met drankjes, elixers en nog veel meer!

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Venture into the Vault!

taal Pathfinder Treasure Vault reveals the glittering hoard of a terrifying dragon, as presented by the creature’s plucky kobold assistant. This 224-page hardcover rulebook presents a catalog of new gear from nearly every category of equipment and magic item available in the Pathfinder RPG while also introducing entirely new categories of items as well. Give your character the perfect tool for the job with signature weapons, customizable relics, and wondrous items to fit your every need while preparing for any eventuality with potions, elixirs, wands, and more!

Each chamber of the dragon’s vault contains a mountain of treasure, from deadly new weapons and forgotten suits of armor to mysterious alchemical items and deadly poisons.
There is something in the vault for everyone, including:

  • Nearly 600 new items spread across numerous equipment types.
  • Over 50 new weapons, such as the devastating earthbreaker hammer and the ferocious falcata.
  • New shields and armor, from wooden breastplates for druids to the magical starfall shield that turns you into a living comet!
  • An entire chapter, “Alchemy Unleashed,” that introduces over 100 new alchemical items, covering everything from restorative lozenges to searing flamethrowers.
  • New magic items of all shapes and sizes, from magical tattoos to artifacts like the goddess Shelyn’s mighty glaive, the Whisperer of Souls.
  • An entire chapter of new, variant, and expanded crafting rules.
  • New categories of items that can give you power that comes at a dangerous price.

bron: Paizo Publishing, LLC

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224 pagina's, fullcolor hardcover


Februari 2023


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