Lashunta Xenowarden (Starfinder Miniatures)(1)

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Starfinder Miniature

Deze set bevat een gedetailleerd miniatuur van een Lashunta Xenowarden in 32mm schaal, te gebruiken voor o.a. het Starfinder RPG.

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taal To the Xenowardens, every world bearing the spark of life is unique: a scientific mystery to be unraveled and a sacred miracle to be revered. In their eyes, the unregulated rush outward into the galaxy in order to earn quick credits or facilitate further urban sprawl is a tragic heresy—and one that must be opposed.

    Box contains:
  • 1x Starfinder Lashunta Xenowarden Miniature
  • 32mm scaled
  • High Quality Plastic
  • Scenic base included

This model comes unpainted and requires manual assembly.

bron: Archon Studio

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Weight22 g
Dimensions14,5 × 8 × 2,5 cm





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