Kingmaker: Kingdom Tracker (Pathfinder 2nd Ed.)


Een accessoire voor het Kingmaker Adventure Path voor Pathfinder Second Edition RPG.

nederlands: Houd de ontwikkeling van je koninkrijk bij met deze onmisbare Pathfinder Kingmaker Kingdom Management Tracker!
Dit foliopack van 16 pagina’s bevat speciaal ontworpen bladen waarmee je uitgebreide aantekeningen kunt maken over de capaciteiten, vaardigheden, middelen en lopende gebeurtenissen van je koninkrijk. Met deze accessoire beschik je over alle middelen die je nodig hebt om de voortgang van je koninkrijk te volgen tijdens het Kingmaker Adventure Path.

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Build Your Kingdom!

taal Keep track of your kingdom with the indispensable Pathfinder Kingmaker Kingdom Management Tracker!
This 16-page folio includes custom-designed sheets for you to take extensive notes on your kingdom’s abilities, skills, resources, and ongoing events. A blank map of the Stolen Lands lets you track the evolving border of your kingdom, along with its settlements and relationships with nearby allies and enemies, and a blank urban grid with over five dozen buildings you can cut and paste to customize your capital city gives you all the resources you need to track your kingdom’s progress through the Kingmaker Adventure Path. The included quick reference rules for kingdom building, army building, and building settlements will help you spend less time keeping track of details and more time ruling your kingdom and adventuring within it—and beyond!

bron: Paizo Publishing, LLC

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Oktober 2022


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