Halls of the Orc King (Epic Encounter)

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Grab an EPIC encounter for your next fantasy roleplaying game!.

nederlands: Epic Encounters is een reeks van kant-en-klare encounters voor je rollenspel, geschikt voor zowel nieuwe als ervaren spelers. Iedere uitgave bevat miniaturen, avontuurinformatie met de bijbehorende kaart en tips hoe je de encounter kan gebruiken.

Halls of the Orc King bevat o.a. 20 miniaturen (in negen verschillende poses/uitvoeringen), een dubbelzijdig bedrukte speelmat en een adventure boek.

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Everything you need to create an Epic Encounter for your roleplaying game…

taal In winter, death comes down from the mountain where the orc king dwells. His followers launch brutal raids on nearby settlements before vanishing into the snow. All the while, rumours swirl that in his icy hall, the king grows stronger, his ambitions grander, and his army greater. It will take a group willing to brave the wilderness to thwart him.

Dive into a frozen adventure with Hall of the Orc King, including 20 highly detailed minis!

Made for new and experienced players, every Epic Encounters set features an all-in-one boxed encounter that’s 5e compatible and ready to play.

Make your next game night one to remember. With just one box, you can create an awesome, cinematic experience your players will be talking about for weeks!

Use Hall of the Orc King as a standalone encounter or as part of a new or existing RPG campaign. Think you can handle the cold? Then combine this set with Caverns of the Frost Giant for a truly epic experience!

Designed to work with the 5th edition of the world’s favourite roleplaying game, Epic Encounters gives any Gamemaster the tools to create a cinematic experience that will challenge and excite their players.

  • 20 Miniatures:
    • 1x Grimfang Orc King
    • 1x Grimfang Orc Shaman
    • 2x Grimfang Orc Cook
    • 2x Grimfang Orc Grog Master
    • 2x Slaughter Kin Orog
    • 2x Grimfang Orc Gladiator
    • 4x Grimfang Orc mounted on Ice Shelf Polar Bear
    • 6x Grimfang Orc (3 with bow, 3 with spear)

  • Double-sided game mat
  • Adventure book
  • Monster’s stats
  • Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

bron: Steamforged Games

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November 2020


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