Folklore: The Affliction

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Folklore: The Affliction is een fantasy-horror boardgame met sterke RPG elementen en een spannend verhaalelement. Kruip in de huid van één van de 6 personages, pas hem of haar aan jouw wensen en ga op pad in een wereld waar de wezens uit de folklore werkelijkheid zijn!

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You move carefully through the stone hallway, lit only by a patch of moonlight and the smoldering stump of a torch in your hand. Sweat drips from your forehead – if you make a sound, it could be your last. Somewhere in this estate hides a creature who is neither living nor dead, who drinks the cherry blood of his guests, and whose gaze warps the mind of all who meet it. You clutch the wooden spike tightly to your chest, your pounding heart daring you to drop it. Finally, you find the door that leads to the master bedroom. You hold your breath, savoring it as you reach for the cold iron knob…

taal Folklore: The Affliction is an expandable ongoing horror RPG board game for 1-5 players that focuses on immersive storyline, strategic combat, character development and intense character customization elements. Your successes and failures, encounters and challenges can affect the entire group raising the ante and fueling interaction. Play one of six customizable and unique characters in a quest to gain Lore by conquering the supernatural Afflictions. Travel the land and enter dark locations where the action becomes a miniature based dungeon crawl. Uncover deeper and more intriguing storylines as you go further into darkness in your quest to drive the evil back into the hell it came from.

  • A cooperative campaign requiring no game master (including solo play)
  • Six stories with multiple paths and endings – over 13 hours of replayable content!
  • Customize your character with an archtype, focus, and branching paths
  • Unlock abilities, prayers, and rituals for defeating challenges both in and out of combat
  • Discover over 100 unique items, equipment, and ancient artifacts to aid you in your quest
  • Beautifully rendered double-sided terrain maps, 72 highly detailed standees, and hundreds of gorgeous illustrations!
  • 2 Books
  • 6 Booklets
  • 352 Cards
  • 12 Dice
  • 10 Double-sided Maps
  • 72 Standees
  • 1 World Map
  • And Much More!

bron: Greenbrier Games / Asmodee The Netherlands

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