BattleTech: Interstellar Operations Battleforce


Supplement voor BattleTech Total Warfare.

nederlands: Dit complete alles-in-één-boek brengt de melkweg omspannende oorlogstrijd van een op zichzelf staand spel op je speeltafel naar macroniveau, waarbij allerlei rollen, regels en overwinningen mogelijk zijn.

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Forces Across the Stars!

taal Marshal your forces and prepare to conquer the Inner Sphere! Interstellar Operations: BattleForce provides a sliding zoom that can scale from a quick game on your table up to the macro level, allowing players to assume the roles of House Lords and dominate the galaxy!

BattleForce is a complete, all-in-one-book game system of combat on a grand scale, but tailored to your interest at the gaming table.

  • Play lightning-fast, large-scale games like battalion vs battalion or conquer a planet with multiple regiments.
  • Not large enough? Invade an entire sector of a House as armies clash across a dozen systems.
  • Still not large enough? Become a Clan Khan or House Leader and amass all the industrial might of your empire to protect your worlds and defeat your enemies!

For use with BattleTech Total Warfare.

bron: Catalyst Game Labs

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Weight1158 g
Dimensions28 × 22,4 × 1,9 cm





hardcover, 352 pagina's, fullcolor


Maart 2022 (third corrected printing)


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