BattleTech: Alpha Strike Commander’s Edition


Regelboek voor BattleTech.

nederlands: Alpha Strike: Commander’s Edition verzamelt in één handig boek de herziene fast-play spelregels van de originele Alpha Strike en de uitgebreide regels van de Alpha Strike Companion. Speel grootschalige gevechten met tabletop-miniatures die zijn ontworpen voor de moderne wargamer. Gebruik de regels om sterke legers op te stellen, laat ze ten strijde trekken en oogst de zoete beloning van de overwinning… of proef de bittere pil van een nederlaag.
De toekomst van de Inner Sphere ligt in jouw handen!

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Command Your Destiny!

taal In the BattleTech universe there remains one constant: the drums of war. And where there is war, valiant military commanders from the Great Houses, the Clans, and other interstellar nations lead the charge of hulking BattleMechs, brave infantry, and daring aerofighters to certain victory or crushing defeat on the sprawling battlefields of distant worlds. Rally your troops onward into the fray, and surge forth to triumph over the enemy.

Alpha Strike: Commander’s Edition collects into one handy volume the revised fast-play rules from the original Alpha Strike and the expanded rules from Alpha Strike Companion. Take command of large-scale engagements with tabletop-miniatures gameplay designed for the modern wargamer. Use the force-creation rules to marshal your armies, charge them into battle, and either reap the rewards of conquest or taste the bitter pill of defeat.
The future of the Inner Sphere is in your hands!

bron: Catalyst Game Labs

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Weight798 g
Dimensions28 × 22,4 × 1,3 cm





hardcover, 216 pagina's, fullcolor


Oktober 2022 (fifth corrected printing)


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