Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef


Welkom in Naviri!

Veel dappere deelnemers hebben zich aangemeld voor het toernooi, maar slechts een handjevol wordt uitgekozen om zich bij de Tidal Blades, de elitewachten van ons eilandenrijk, aan te sluiten. Om te slagen in het toernooi en gekozen te worden als een Tidal Blade, moet je meedoen aan Proeven in de 3 arena’s, bovenaan het kampioenenbord terecht komen en het eilandenrijk beschermen tegen de steeds groter wordende dreiging van de Monsters uit de mysterieuze Fold.

Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef is een worker placement bordspel met een rijke en pakkende achtergrondgeschiedenis, aanpasbare personages en grandioos artwork.

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taal Welcome Young Heroes! Many brave contestants have signed up for the tournament, but only a handful will be chosen to join the Tidal Blades, the elite guards of our island realm. To succeed in the Tournament and be chosen as a Tidal Blade, you must compete in Challenges held in the 3 Arenas, rise to the top of the Champions Board, and protect the realm from the ever increasing threat of the Monsters from the mysterious Fold.

  • Visit the Islands
    Each turn, you will visit one of the five Island Boards to collect resources and compete in Challenges. Every island has ist own special reward so you must carefully plan your turns to make the most of your Character actions.
  • Attempt Challenges
    After signing up for Challenges at the Citadel of Time, you will travel to one of the 3 Arenas to compete. But becoming a Tidal Blade is no easy task – every Challenge requires you to roll a Danger Die that grows progressively more difficult. You’ll need to carefully select your dice roll, and master the use of Shells to strategically alter the time continuum and reattempt your bad rolls.
  • Custimize Your Character
    Take on the role of a unique hero. By competing in Challenges you will increase your hero’s traits, allowing you to roll more dice, pull off wild Stunts, increase the power level of your dice, and unveil asymmetrical Character powers.
  • Upgrade Your Dice
    Test your mettle in the Challenges to upgrade your starting Novice dice to more powerful Initiate en Elite dice. Choose to specialize in the outward traits of Focus and Spirit or the inward traits of Reslilience and Synergy. Train hard to unlock the powerful Guild dice, which will allow you to compete at the highest level.
  • Fight Monsters!
    More and more Monsters are breaking through the hyperdimensional fabric of the Fold. Demonstrate your strength and resolve by fighting them back to advance your traits, impress the tournament judges, and gain rewards from the thankful populace. But beware as each Monster can invade and wreak havoc on your plans, and each battle will take its toll on your dice pool.
  • Become a Champion
    Advance on the Champion Board by competing in front of the Elder Tidal Blade, showing off your watercraft-maneuvering skills on Lamara and killing Monsters. Gain valuable awards when the tournament standings are judged and end the tournament at the top of the Champion Board to earn your place of honor.

    Game contents:
  • 6 Game boards
  • 4 Character boards
  • 62 dice
  • 253 cards
  • 169 tokens
  • 1 thematic Round marker
  • 1 metal First Player marker
  • 6 standees with bases
  • 1 Scorepad
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Almanac
  • Solo & Two-player Mode board

bron: Fantasy Flight Games / Asmodee The Netherlands

Extra informatie

Gewicht2600 g
Afmetingen32 × 32 × 10,5 cm





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