The Bespin Gambit (Star Wars Imperial Assault exp.)

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Uitbreidingsset voor het spel Star Wars Imperial Assault.

Bespin Gambit is een nieuwe, grote expansieset voor Star Wars Imperial Assault. Deze expansie biedt o.a. nieuwe personages zoals Bossk en Lando Calrissian.


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“You’ve Got a Lot of Guts Coming Here…”

Cloud City under Imperial control! As the Empire occupies Bespin, a few brave heroes in company with Lando Calrissian dare to infiltrate the floating city, planting the seeds of rebellion and searching for vital military codes before the agents of the Imperial Security Bureau can find them…

taal Not every battle is fought between legions of troops or flights of starfighters. Some battles are fought with information, secrets, and covert operations, pitting the bravest Rebel Spies against the terrifying Imperial Security Bureau. Now, you can bring this shadow war to your games of Imperial Assault with The Bespin Gambit expansion!

In The Bespin Gambit, you’ll find a wealth of new content to take your campaigns and skirmishes into the ritzy hotels and industrial underworks of Cloud City. Iconic characters like Bossk and Lando Calrissian join the game for the first time, gorgeous new map tiles portray some of the most memorable Cloud City locations, while new companions and a new condition change the flow every game. With two new Rebel heroes, one new Imperial class, new Mercenaries figure groups, a new mini-campaign, and a new focus on your Spy characters, The Bespin Gambit offers an indispensable bonus to every Imperial Assault player.

    Game contents:
  • 2 Hero Figures
  • 3 Ugnaught Tinkerer Figures
  • 6 Wing Guard Figures
  • 14 Deployment Cards
  • 3 Companion Cards
  • 6 Agenda Cards
  • 6 Side Mission Cards
  • 5 Reward Cards
  • 2 Supply Cards
  • 6 Item Cards
  • 2 Skirmish Mission Cards
  • 18 Hero Class Cards
  • 9 Imperial Class Cards
  • 4 Command Cards
  • 2 Hero Sheets
  • 4 Condition Cards
  • 12 Map Tiles
  • 10 Condition Tokens
  • 3 Companion Tokens
  • 3 Ally and Villain Tokens
  • 3 Damage Tokens
  • 9 Strain Tokens
  • 8 ID Tokens
  • 24 ID Stickers
  • 1 Skirmish Rulesheet
  • 1 Rulebook

Imperial Assault Core Game is required to play this expansion!

bron: Fantasy Flight Games / Bergsala Enigma BV

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Gewicht775 g
Afmetingen25,5 × 25,5 × 5 cm




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