Special Guest: Stefan Kopinski (Zombicide – Black Plague expansion)


Uitbreidingsset voor het bordspel Zombicide: Black Plague.

Deze Stefan Kopinski Special Guest expansion bevat miniaturen van 4 nieuwe, door Stefan Kopinski ontworpen, Survivors en de bijbehorende speelstukken.


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taal After completing a BA Honors in Fine Art, Stefan worked in various design fields, including 5 years in Games Workshop’s Production and Design Studios in Nottingham as a Photoshop consultant, project coordinator and digital illustrator.
Since 2004 he has dedicated himself to freelance illustration. He now works primarily for the games industry, helping visualize and realize the weird and wonderful ideas from the minds of some great companies around the world.
Stefan now lives with his family in West Yorkshire.

This Zombicide: Black Plague Special Guest expansion contains four characters for Zombicide: Black Plague designed by Stefan Kopinski:

  • Azure
    “Work with me, and we’ll all get through this alive.”

    Azure’s people – his mother’s people – are not known for being kind, giving, loving, or friendly. By the standards of his people, Azure is warm, fuzzy, and cheerful. By the standards of the humans, he is… helpful. His people have no problem with raising the dead, no problem with necromancy at all. Yet, Azure, the white sheep in his dark family, has found he’s not very pleased by the creatures. And if that means he have to work with the humans, with the dwarves, with the ORCS, well, he has always been the most-friendly of the dark ones.

  • Gaak
    “These things are foul. And they taste even fouler.”

    Gaak believes that death comes when it should come. Death is the one true lord, the one true power. These things, these zombies, they get in the way of the proper order of death. Things are killed. Gaak kills them. They stay dead, more fuel to the death lord. And now, now he has to kill things twice. Gaak finds this irritating. But maybe, if he kills enough of these things enough times, he’ll satisfy his gods anyway.

  • Miss Ysabel
    “There’s not much difference between a zombie’s neck and a log.”

    Miss Ysabel was her father’s pride and joy growing up, the biggest in a big family, the strongest in a line of mostly boys. Her mother insisted on the dresses, her father insisted on the axe. She was chopping wood while she was still playing with dolls, she was hauling wood while the boys had started to come calling. When the zombies came, Miss Ysabel added a few more weapons to her repertoire and shifted her swing to aim a little further up.

  • The Blackheart
    “Rise, ancestors, and aid us.”

    The Blackheart has been the shaman of his tribe since he was a young man, since their last shaman vanished. He has given so much of his life to the magic, he looks as much one of the dead as of the living. He can speak to those dead – the further he gets from youth, the easier the dead are to talk to. But the zombies are neither dead nor alive, and the Blackheart finds them repulsive and terrifying. Dead that are not dead… they have to go.

  • 4 miniatures
  • 4 ID cards
  • 6 Necromancer cards

Not a complete game. A Zombicide: Black Plague core game box is needed to enjoy this expansion.

bron: Guillotine Games / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.

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