Special Guest: Paul Bonner (Zombicide – Black Plague expansion)

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Uitbreidingsset voor het bordspel Zombicide: Black Plague.

Deze Paul Bonner Special Guest expansion bevat miniaturen van 4 nieuwe, door Paul Bonner ontworpen, Survivors en de bijbehorende speelstukken.


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taal Paul Bonner, a Yorkshire born Englishman, has lived in Copenhagen since the early ‘90s. After earning his degree in Illustration at the Harrow College of Art, he illustrated many children’s books on a freelance basis in London, then spent three years with the Games Workshop Design Studio. After moving to Denmark, he continued his relationship with Games Workshop, and also contributed to such titles as Mutant Chronicles, Rackham’s Confrontation, Shadowrun and Riotminds.

This Zombicide: Black Plague Special Guest expansion contains four characters for Zombicide: Black Plague designed by Paul Bonner:

  • Genevieve
    “All right. You have to the count of three to show me you’re still breathing. One… Two…”

    Genevieve is taking absolutely no guff from anyone. When the zombies attacked her home in the dead of night, she held them off while still in her nightclothes. Now that she’s in her armor and well-armed, it’s going to take a siege engine to stop her. Genevieve is a crack shot with her crossbow. She can take down a man, a boar, or a zombie from fifty yards. If they manage to get too close to shoot, she has been known to take a head clear off with her machete. Genevieve is in this war to win it.

  • Inquisitor Mizar
    “There is a writ for this. There is a writ for everything of importance. But there is also a scythe, for times that do not deserve a writ.”

    Inquisitor Mizar knows more than a little about the ways of death, dying, and the undead. His order has been studying necromancy – in order to wipe it out – for far longer than this current crop of necromancers has been around. They know all the secrets. They know all of the ritae. And they will bring a proper and holy death to everything that needs to die. With his scythe and his will, with his prayers and his ritae, Inquisitor Mizar will bring death where it is needed, and stave it off where it is not yet welcome.

  • Klom
    “C’mon if you think you’re tough enough.”

    Klom isn’t afraid of Zombies. He’s not afraid of anything – except spiders, but he’ll never own up to that one. He was a tough son-of-a-gun, a fighter and a bandit, long before the zombies started overrunning his camp. Once those pests showed up, well, then he just had something else to fight. With his flail in hand, Klom can stop just about anything. And if that doesn’t work, he’ll just stomp them. He’s taken a few trophies in his day, but the others tend to complain about rotting zombie heads. Maybe fingers won’t bother them as much?

  • Lord Bazak
    “Forward! Forward to victory! Ever onward!”

    Lord Bazak is in this battle for the long haul. He knows – or, at least, he’s heard rumors – of some of the antics of the necromancers, and he knows they won’t be stopped easily. He’s seen firsthand what the zombies can do. They managed to drive them off when they attacked Lord Bazak’s lands, but only at the cost of several lives, and the even harder price of putting down those dead that rose as undead. Lord Bazak plans to move through the land like a plow, pushing the zombies before him and his warriors until there are no undead and no necromancers remaining.

  • 4 miniatures
  • 4 ID cards
  • 1 counter base

Not a complete game. A Zombicide: Black Plague core game box is needed to enjoy this expansion.

bron: Guillotine Games / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.

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