Special Guest: Carl Critchlow (Zombicide – Black Plague expansion)

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Uitbreidingsset voor het bordspel Zombicide: Black Plague.

Deze Carl Critchlow Special Guest expansion bevat miniaturen van 4 nieuwe, door Carl Critchlow ontworpen, personages (3 Survivors en 1 Necromancer) en de bijbehorende speelstukken.


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taal Carl Critchlow is a UK based illustrator and comic book artist.
He first created the character of Thrud the Barbarian while still at art college in 1981, Thrud went on to feature in his own comic strip in Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine for five years during the 1980s and in a series of Eagle Award winning self-published comics in 2002 – 2007.
He has worked for many companies in the UK and US including DC comics, 2000AD and has illustrated over 200 individual cards for Magic the Gathering.

This Zombicide: Black Plague Special Guest expansion contains four characters for Zombicide: Black Plague designed by Carl Critchlow:

  • The Black Currant
    “All right, let’s start by you giving us everything worth anything in this miserable little town.”

    The Black Currant is the leader of group of bandits who prey on small villages. They run through towns, pillaging and looting, leaving nothing but misery in their wake. The Black Currant himself is an intimidating figure, with the biggest set of bull horns ever seen on his helmet and custom-made armor and weapons. He may be the nastiest piece of work known to the lands (short of the zombies), but the Black Currant knows how to put on a show.

  • Persephone
    “Some simpletons should surely cease their skullduggery. Or else!”

    On learning of the demise of her father, Percival Pursuivant, during a hazardous mission to the town of Carborundum, young Persephone and the other daughters of the Knights of St Simeon the Saintly formed the ‘Seven Sisters of St Simeon the Saintly’. Their intention: carry on their fathers’ good works as well as avenging their deaths. Ironically, their superior skills in all aspects of martial combat make them a far more effective force than their fathers ever were.

  • Thrud the Barbarian
    “By the Sacred Jockstrap of Robert E. Howard, You’ll pay for that, Hellspawn!”

    With the stealth and agility of a jungle cat, the strength and ferocity of a rhinoceros and the intelligence of a garden snail, Thrud is a simple soul who wants nothing more than to be able to enjoy a beer in peace. Unfortunately things seldom work that way for this mightily thewed colossus. Anyone who gets in his way, whether it’s a band of marauding brigands, giant demon minotaur or an army of crazed flesh-eating zombies, will soon learn a lesson they’ll never forget with the help of his unfeasibly large axe.

  • To-Me Ku-Pa
    “You thought you could defeat me, I who have defeated death itself?”

    To-Me Ku-Pa is a necromancer, and entirely unabashed about it. He has been tormenting the lives of adventurers and barbarians for many years, and working with the nastiest bandit group in the land, the Black Currant’s gang. He had any number of powers, most of them gained through nefarious means: he’s been known to turn people into frogs for a laugh, and raising the recently dead is a child’s game for him compared to some of the things he’s done. To-Me Ku-Pa is a foul, nasty man, and loves every minute of it.

  • 4 miniatures
  • 3 ID cards
  • 6 Necromancer cards
  • 2 counter bases

Not a complete game. A Zombicide: Black Plague core game box is needed to enjoy this expansion.

bron: Guillotine Games / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.

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