Return to Hoth (Star Wars Imperial Assault exp.)


Uitbreidingsset voor het spel Star Wars Imperial Assault.

Return to Hoth is een nieuwe, grote expansieset voor Star Wars Imperial Assault.
Deze uitbreidingsset biedt o.a. een extra campagne (met 16 gloednieuwe missies), 16 plastic miniaturen, 37 dubbelzijdige tegels en diverse kaarten.

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The Empire Stands Triumphant…

taal The Rebels’ base on Hoth has been discovered by the Empire! As Imperial walkers descend to the surface and the last transports flee, a few heroes of the Rebellion step forward to protect a colony of refugees. Little do they know that their heroic actions will eventually lead them back to the very place from which they fled: Hoth!

Return to Hoth is a new expansion for Imperial Assault, offering plenty of new content for the campaign and skirmish games. A new full-length campaign allows the Rebel heroes to take up a new story in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth, while new rules for four-player skirmish games invite you to play a massive, multi-fronted battle. With thirty-seven double-sided terrain tiles depicting the icy wastes of Hoth, sixteen sculpted plastic figures to swell your forces, and a host of cards for both campaigns and skirmishes, Return to Hoth changes your games of Imperial Assault forever!

  • 3 Hero Figures
  • 6 Snowtrooper Figures
  • 4 HK Assassin Droid Figures
  • 2 Wampa Figures
  • 1 SC2-M Repulsor Tank Figure
  • 17 Deployment Cards
  • 6 Agenda Cards
  • 8 Story Mission Cards
  • 3 Side Mission Cards
  • 4 Threat Mission Cards
  • 11 Reward Cards
  • 4 Supply Cards
  • 9 Item Cards
  • 4 Skirmish Mission Cards
  • 28 Hero Class Cards
  • 18 Imperial Class Cards
  • 9 Command Cards
  • 3 Hero Sheets
  • 4 Condition Cards
  • 37 Map Tiles
  • 5 Condition Tokens
  • 2 Recon Tokens
  • 5 Ally and Villain Tokens
  • 14 Damage Tokens
  • 13 Strain Tokens
  • 8 ID Tokens
  • 24 ID Stickers
  • 1 Skirmish Map Sheet
  • 1 Rulebook

Not a stand-alone game, Star Wars Imperial Assault core game is required to play!

bron: Fantasy Flight Games / Bergsala Enigma BV

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Gewicht1446 g
Afmetingen29,5 × 29,5 × 7,5 cm




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