Prophecy of Kings (Twilight Imperium 4th Ed. expansion)

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Een uitbreiding voor Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition.

De goed gevulde Prophecy of Kings-uitbreiding zit boordevol nieuwe content die je aan je games van Twilight Imperium kunt toevoegen. De melkweg is veel groter geworden, aangezien zeven nooit eerder geziene facties het spel betreden, elk met hun eigen unieke sterke en zwakke punten, van de genveranderende krachten van de Mahact, tot de waakzame bewakers van de Argent Flight, tot het mysterieuze en oude Empyrean. En nieuwe facties zijn niet de enige manier waarop de melkweg groter wordt! Veertig nieuwe systeem- en hyperlane-tegels voegen nieuwe planeten en obstakels toe aan de kaart, en met twee nieuwe kleuren spelercomponenten in de doos, kun je Twilight Imperium nu met maximaal acht spelers spelen.


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Ixth. The lost planet.
Scholars have long debated the existence of Ixth. Once rumored to be a verdant paradise, an expedition through an enigmatic gateway has revealed the truth. Ixth was never a paradise – it was a prison.
When the Lazax Imperium was in its infancy, it waged bloody war upon the tyrants known as the Mahact. World by world, the Machact were pushed back, until only Ixth remained.
In a desperate gambit to end the war, the Lazax isolared the Machact and their ancestral home from the rest of the galaxy. But over the millennia, the secret of Ixth’s existence – and its location – would reach the ears of those easily manipulated.
As the echoes of the past tear through the galaxy and the Prophecy of Ixth turns to ash, a new flame grows amidst the still-burning embers.
Thre Prophecy of Kings.

taal The massive Prophecy of Kings expansion is packed to bursting with new content that you can add to your games of Twilight Imperium.
The galaxy has grown far larger, as seven never-before-seen factions enter the game, each boasting their own unique strengths and weaknesses, from the gene-altering powers of the Mahact, to the watchful guard of the Argent Flight, to the mysterious and ancient Empyrean. And new factions aren’t the only way the galaxy grows bigger! Forty new system and hyperlane tiles add new planets and obstacles to the map, and with two new colors of player components included in the box, you can play Twilight Imperium with up to eight players.

But that’s only a fraction of what you’ll find in this expansion! Adding even more flavor to your chosen species, a wealth of unique leader cards arrive to support every faction in the game, giving you powers to unlock during the game. Lumbering mechs stomp onto the battlefield as powerful new ground forces with unique special abilities for every faction. As you venture into the unknown regions of space, brand-new exploration decks seed new planets and the void of space with new discoveries, including fragments you can combine to create awe-inspiring relics. With new action cards, agenda cards, objectives, technologies, promissory notes, legendary planets, and more, Prophecy of Kings is a must-have expansion for any fan of Twilight Imperium!

  • 7 New Factions
  • Components for 2 Additional Players
  • 8 New Technologies
  • 1 New Promissory Note, and 4 Plastic Units for Each Player
  • 3 Leaders and 1 Mech for Each Faction
  • 84 Exploration and Relic Cards
  • 22 New Standard System Tiles
  • 9 Hyperlanes
  • 1 Wormhole Nexus
  • 13 New Agenda cards
  • 20 New Action Cards
  • 40 New Objective Cards
  • Hundreds of Tokens, Including Extra Infantry, Fighters, and Trade Goods

This is not a stand-alone product. A copy of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition is required to play.

bron: Fantasy Flight Games / Asmodee The Netherlands

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Gewicht3100 g
Afmetingen30 × 30 × 13,5 cm




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