NR-N99 Persuader-Class Droid (Star Wars: Legion Unit Expansion)

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Uitbreidingsset voor het miniaturenspel Star Wars™: Legion.

taal De NR-N99 Persuader-Class Droid Unit Expansion bevat een onbeschilderd miniatuur van een NR-N99 Persuader-Class Droid met 2 optioneel in te zetten B1 battle droid passagiers.
Naast de miniaturen bevat deze uitbreidingsset ook een unitkaart en een aantal upgradekaarten.


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taal Lead the assault with the NR-N99 Persuader-class Tank Droid Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion!
This fast, heavily armed tank droid is surprisingly well suited to even the most difficult terrain thanks to its massive central tread. Its wide side sponsons can accommodate a full unit of battle droids and transport them directly to the front lines.

This expansion contains everything you need to add a NR-N99 Persuader-class Tank Droid to your Separatist armies as a heavy unit. The beautifully detailed, unpainted miniature features two optional B1 battle droids that it can ferry into battle and a unit card outlines all of its weapons and systems. Finally, nine upgrade cards invite you to outfit your NR-N99 Persuaderclass Tank Droid with additional shells, comms, and programming.

  • 1 unpainted Plastic NR-N99 Persuader-class Tank Droid Miniature
  • 1 Unit Card
  • 9 Upgrade Cards
  • 14 Assorted Tokens
  • 1 Rulesheet

Not a complete game. A Star Wars™: Legion Core set is required to play.

bron: Asmodee The Netherlands

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Gewicht424 g
Afmetingen16,5 × 24,5 × 9 cm



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