Nemesis: Void Seeders


Een uitbreiding voor het survival/horror bordspel Nemesis

Nemesis: Void Seeders bevat de Void Seeders, een nieuw Alien ras dat zich bezighoud met mind control. Laat je niet gek maken!
Een Nemesis basisspel is nodig om deze uitbreiding te kunnen spelen.

Slechts 2 resterend op voorraad


Could you survive a fight with your own mind?

Everything in space is still and silent. But not Nemesis. Her corridors are filled with screams, panting, gunshots, and electric buzzing. The AI’s glass eyes observe crew shooting at the walls, scratching their faces and cutting their vents. AI can’t understand what is happening and why humans don’t listen to her. They talk about monsters, horrors in the dark. AI searches the whole ship, but can’t find anything other than some clumps of biomass on the floor. Maybe it should burn them?

taal The Void Seeders Expansion for Nemesis adds a new Intruder race along with their models, tokens and specific Event cards. Additionally, it introduces a new game mechanic – Character Insanity.

  • 15 plastic Void Seeder Miniatures
  • 70+ Cards
  • 25+ Cardboard Tokens
  • Cardboard Void Seeder Board
  • Rulebook
  • 2 Plastic Inserts

To play The Void Seeders expansion you will need the Nemesis basic game

bron: Awaken Realms

Extra informatie

Gewicht 1035 g
Afmetingen 30 × 30 × 6.8 cm




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