Masters of the Void (Shadows of Brimstone Deluxe Enemy Pack)


Deze Shadows of Brimstone uitbreiding bevat 3 Void Hound en 3 Void Sorceror vijanden, en de benodigde Threat en Spell kaarten. De Void Hounds kunnen in en uit het spel glippen tijdens ‘movement’, waardoor ze door andere miniaturen heen kunnen bewegen en overal kunnen komen. De Void Sorcerers werpen elke ronde nieuwe willekeurige spreuken.

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taal In the Void between worlds, outside of space and time, eldritch horrors beyond fear or imagination reside. These masters of the Void extend their tendrils of influence through the cracks in reality that bridge countless worlds across existence! Of all these dreaded beings, Void Hounds and Void Sorcerers are some of the most frightening! Void Hounds are beastly creatures that stalk their prey from beyond the veil, hunting in packs and phasing through the barriers of reality to strike! While Void Sorcerers are nefarious mages that use dark and powerful magik, seeking out occult knowledge and collecting arcane tomes and artifacts to add to their vaunted vaults of Valitore. To fight these fiends is to stare into the abyss!

This Masters of the Void Deluxe Enemy Pack contains everything you need to add the powerful Void Hounds and mysterious Void Sorcerers to your games of Shadows of Brimstone, including a host of new cards and two Missions focusing on these deadly new Enemies!

  • 1 Rulebook with 2 New Missions and Painting Guide
  • 3 Void Sorcerers
  • 3 Void Hounds
  • 3 30mm bases
  • 3 40mm bases
  • 2 Large Enemy Record Sheets
  • 40 Game Cards
  • 1 Die-Cut Counter Sheet

Requires a Shadows of Brimstone Core Set to play!

bron: Flying Frog Productions / Enigma Distribution Benelux BV

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