Massive Darkness

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Massive Darkness is a cooperative game of Dungeon Crawling for 1 to 6 players, Ages 14 and up.

Massive Darkness brengt de beleving van een klassiek Fantasy RolePlaying Game, maar dan als bordspel. Spelers beginnen hun avontuur in Massive Darkness door het kiezen van een Hero en een Class. Deze samengestelde helden gaan vervolgens op queestes en verslaan daarbij monsters, verzamelen buit en verkrijgen XP. Deze XP gebruiken de spelers vervolgens om nieuwe Skills te verkrijgen en hun helden worden dus steeds sterker naarmate het avontuur vordert.


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A new war is about to begin!

taal In Massive Darkness, you’ll join forces with the other players to enter the underground lair of the Darkness. You’ll work together, jumping from shadow to light, engaging the enemy when the moment is right. The minions of the Darkness can be anything from orcs, to goblin warriors, to giant spiders. You’ll never know what creatures await you around every corner. Play the quests in order to follow the storyline, or create your own legends using the tokens and modular board tiles. The Lightbringers won this war once before. Now it’s your turn to add your names to the history books!

Throughout the game, players encounter different monsters, including Minions, Agents, Roaming Monsters, and Bosses. An unique mechanism of the game is the Guardian. Any of the monster types have a chance of spawning as a Guardian, meaning it will use a random piece of equipment in the fight against Heroes. However, if players are able to overcome this difficult encounter, they will acquire that piece of loot!

  • Create Your Hero
    Heroes begin with natural starting skills, but you can tailor them to your own play style with different classes, weapons, and skills as they level up!
  • Shadow Mode
    The underground lairs are a mixture of shadow and light. Entering the darkness of Shadow Zones allows characters to access powerful Shadow Abilities.
  • Fully Cooperative
    Your success or failure will come as a team. Band together to fight back the minions of the Darkness and accomplish your goals. This is a battle you can’t win on your own.

    Massive Darkness includes:
  • 75 Highly-Detailed Figures
    • 6 Heroes
    • 63 Enemies
    • 6 Roaming Monsters

  • 9 Double-Sided Game Tiles
  • 6 Hero Dashboards
  • 6 Hero Classes Sheet Pads
  • 6 Plastic Color Bases
  • 12 Custom Dice
  • 18 Plastic Color Pegs
  • 299 Cards
  • 106 Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

bron: CMON Productions Limited / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.

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