Krosmaster: Arena 2.0 Boardgame


taal Krosmaster: Arena 2.0 is een tactisch bordspel met miniaturen in anime stijl. Neem de leiding over een groep warriors van Krosmoz (Dofus en Wakfu’s universe) en ga de strijd aan in de arena in Hormonde.
Deze vernieuwde basisset bevat onder andere 8 miniaturen met karakterkaarten, 1 dubbelzijdig bordspel, meer dan 200 counters en 10 dobbelstenen.


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Krosmaster Arena is a miniatures board game that is designed around using cute anime warriors to take on your opponents!.

taal Krosmaster: Arena 2.0 is a Player vs Player-oriented board game that offers the craftiest tacticians among you the chance to challenge other players in heated battle. All players build their team using a pre-deterimined method, either a point system, draft, or at random. Utilize your team’s various talents and abilities to create a powerful fighting force. Every figure has a point value attached to it to help balance things out. Only those who are able to create a strong, yet versatile, strategy will prevail!

In Hormonde, a strange world deep in the folds of time, the Hour Demons have finally found a hobby worthy of their cruel hearts… the Arena! The idea is simple. They select warriors of all ages and lands and whisk them away to the Hormonde where the enslaved gladiators must fight for their souls and the chance to become the ultimate champion. Why don’t the gods put an end to this macabre circus? Why does Xelor himself turn a blind eye to the demons’ meddling with time’s delicate web? Well you may ask, but it is not for us mortals to know the minds of the gods.

Krosmaster Arena has just been given a little update to bring it more into keeping with the film DOFUS Book I Julith! Find Joris, Kerub, Lilotte, Khan Karkass, Marline, Julith and Jahash in this version 2.0 of the strategy board game from the Krosmaster range.

    Krosmaster Arena 2.0 includes:
  • 1 double-sided game board
  • 8 exclusive figures with character cards
  • Over 200 counters
  • 20 scenery elements
  • 10 dice
  • 1 rulebook

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