Judge Dredd: Citi-Def


Een uitbreiding voor het Judge Dredd Tabletop Miniatures Game.

De Judge Dredd: Citi-Def expansion bevat 6 verschillende Citi-Def resin miniaturen en alle kaarten om ze in te kunnen zetten bij het Judge Dredd miniatures game.

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Miniatures and game cards for the Judge Dredd miniatures game.

taal The rank and file Citi-Def trooper is a volunteer drawn from the block population who agrees to spend at least one day a month attending Citi-Def training and orientation meetings. All are given basic training in squad tactics and care and maintenance of personal weapons. They are issued with a ballistic shell suit and assigned a weapon that must be returned to the armoury at the end of any training event.
However, such is the popularity of the Citi-Def to certain ‘warcrazy’ individuals that Citi-Def captains can hold meetings on a weekly or even daily basis, some even allow their enthusiastic followers to take their weapons home between sessions – an offence with a mandatory sentence of no less than two years per count if the Judges find out.

  • 6 Warlord Resin Citi-Def miniatures
  • Plastic bases
  • 2 Unit cards
  • 1 Armoury card: Peepers
  • 1 Big Meg card: Hit’em with everything!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

bron: Warlord Games

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Gewicht72 g
Afmetingen15 × 11,2 × 4,5 cm





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