Goblin Nation (the Stonetellers, vol. 3)


De climax van de Stonetellers saga!

Goblin Nation is de afsluiter van The Stonetellers Trilogy. Direfang en zijn Goblinleger zijn inmiddels diep doorgedrongen in het Qualinesti Forest en gaan de strijd aan voor hun vrijheid.

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The Stonetellers, Volume Three

taal They should have been safe – those lucky ones who had survived the brutal slave pens of a Dark Knight mining camp, a death march to the Qualinesti Forest, rampant deadly disease, and so many other cruel quirks of nature and the gods.

As they struggle to find footing and commonality in a strange new homeland, however, they are confronted with a fresh enemy, an alliance of dark magic and ruthless purpose that threatens to wipe them from the face of Krynn.

One last time the weary, ragtag army of goblins and hobgoblins must trust in the leadership of the renegade wizard Grallik, the earth shaman Mudwort, and the ex-slave Direfang.

At stake is their destiny, the future of the goblin nation.

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bron: Wizards of the Coast / PS Games

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Gewicht 168 g

Novel (D&D, Dragonlance, Fantasy-Adventure)






309 pagina's, Mass Market Paperback



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