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Ghost Miniatures Pack (Folklore The Affliction expansion)

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Folklore: The Affliction is een fantasy-horror boardgame met sterke RPG elementen en een spannend verhaalelement. Kruip in de huid van één van de 6 personages, pas hem of haar aan jouw wensen en ga op pad in een wereld waar de wezens uit de folklore werkelijkheid zijn!

Als in Folklore: The Affliction een spelerpersonage sterft dan gaat hij als geest verder. Dit Ghost Miniatures Pack bevat 12 miniaturen van de verschillende speelbare personages… maar nu als geest! De miniaturen zijn uitgevoerd in transparant blauw plastic voor het juiste sfeertje. Om het de helden lastig te maken bevat de set bovendien een bonusfiguur: The Wraith!


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Dirt and sweat drip into your eyes, blurring your vision. Desperately, you raise your sword, barely deflecting tooth and claw as a monstrous beast descends upon you. The muscles in your arm burn with fatigue, and you can feel the creature’s hunger dripping from open jaws, barely inches from your flesh. You are so, so tired. The full moon overhead dims, splattered with blood. “Let this be the end,” you plead. But for those who stand up against the darkness – death is only the beginning…

taal Folklore: The Affliction is an expandable ongoing horror RPG board game for 1-5 players in which your characters progress through a series of stories in their quest to rid the land of evil. You will face many challenges throughout your adventure, and one or more members of your party will most likely fall while fighting a vicious foe.
In Folklore, deceased characters carry on as ghosts, with a new set of otherworldly skills and abilities, as they work towards being reunited with their mortal body. The Ghost Miniature Pack contains alternate figures for each of the 12 playable characters in Folklore: The Affliction, cast in an ethereal blue translucent plastic. This box also contains an exclusive bonus miniature – The Wraith, a fearsome apparition, here to thwart our heroes from beyond the grave.

  • 13 Miniatures

Not a complete game, requires Folklore: The Affliction to play.

bron: Greenbrier Games / Asmodee The Netherlands

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Gewicht197 g
Afmetingen19,6 × 21,8 × 6,5 cm





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