Conan Vol.05 – Rogues in the House & other stories

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Rogues in the House & other stories

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Volume 5 – Rogues in the House & other stories

taal Perhaps one of Robert E. Howard’s best known tales of Conan the Cimmerian, ‘Rogues in the House’ first appeared in Weird Tales in January of 1934. Now, writer Timothy Truman and artists Cary Nord and Tomàs Giorello bring you the story of the barbarian and the Red Priest, as you’ve never seen it before.

Penniless and destitute, Conan finds himself imprisoned and bound for the gallows until a young nobleman named Murilo offers him a deal – his life in exchange for the assassination of a devious political rival, the Red Priest, Nabonidus. But their deadly plan goes terribly wrong as Conan and Murilo find themselves trapped in the labyrinthine halls of the Red Priest’s fortress-like home, dodging a series of intricate traps, and stalked by a brutal and mysterious creature.

Collecting issues #0 (partially) and #37, 38, and #41-44 of the Dark Horse monthly Conan series.

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bron: Dark Horse Books

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Gewicht495 g
Afmetingen26 × 17 × 1,1 cm

Comics (Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Conan the Barbarian)



Timothy Truman


Cary Nord, Tomàs Giorello


Richard Isanove



160 pagina's, fullcolor, softcover TPB



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