Burrower (Shadows of Brimstone XXL Enemy Pack)

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De Burrower XXL Enemy Pack is een uitbreiding voor Shadows of Brimstone.
Deze set bevat een fors model van een Burrower, het bijbehorende Extra Large Enemy Record Sheet en 4 Game Cards, alles wat je nodig hebt voor een confrontatie met deze oeroude creaturen!

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taal Burrowing through the Void between worlds, these massive worm-like creatures are as ancient as time itself! Over the eons, they grow ever larger, expanding in size and form, writhing and twisting with grinding teeth and masses of tentacles beyond reckoning. When one of these gargantian beasts escapes the Void and finds its way into reality, it begins to burrow through rock, stone and flesh, creating expansive tunnels and feeding on all life. It is drawn to the power of the black rock… wherever Dark Stone is collected in massive quantities, Burrowers will soon be to follow. Lured from their restless slumbers by the magik of the stone, they devour entire worlds to feed their abyssal hunger.

This XXL Enemy Pack contains one massive Burrower as well as all of the rules, cards, and the deadly This is No Cave! Mission to use this fiendish Epic Threat in your Adventures.

  • 1x Rulebook with Painting Guide and Scenario
  • 1x XXL-Sized Burrower
  • 2x Extra Large Enemy Record Sheets
  • 4x Game Cards

Requires a Shadows of Brimstone Core Set to play!

bron: Flying Frog Productions / Asmodee The Netherlands

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