Bridge Set (Journey: Wrath of Demons expansion)


Uitbreidingsset voor Journey: Wrath of Demons

Deze set bevat 4 fraaie miniaturen die de cardboard counters uit het basisspel vervangen.

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taal In Journey: Wrath of Demons bridges are used to travel between different map tiles inside the game. There are different kinds of bridges drawn on the Bridging Tiles which are included in the boxed game, and now you can replace the bridge tiles with these beautiful three-dimensional reproductions. These large bridges bring a 3D feel to the board and the figures can physically interact with them.
This Bridge Set includes 3D versions of all the bridges featured in the core game. They cover 3×2 or 2×2 board squares but they are slightly larger than that so that there is plenty of room for the minis to stand on the bridges.

  • 1 A Bridge
  • 1 B Bridge
  • 1 C Bridge
  • 1 D Bridge

Not a standalone product. Journey: Wrath of Demons™ is required to play.

bron: Edge Entertainment/Marrow Production Limited

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