The Scarlet Keys Campaign Expansion (Arkham Horror The Card Game LCG )

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Vreemde verdwijningen spoken rond in de stad Arkham, Massachusetts. Bij elk object, gebouw of persoon dat verdwijnt, worden ze niet alleen uit het fysieke bestaan gewist, maar ook uit de geschiedenis en het geheugen. Slechts een select aantal onderzoekers herinnert zich degenen die verdwenen zijn – althans dat geloven ze. Het duurt niet lang of het mysterie ontrafelt zich in een internationale samenzwering, en onze oplettende onderzoekers worden gerekruteerd door een schimmige overheidsinstantie wiens enige doel het verzamelen en onderzoeken is van paradimensionale werktuigen die ze ‘Sleutels’ noemen. Ze zijn echter niet de enigen die ernaar zoeken…

Deze The Scarlet Keys Campaign Expansion bevat bijna 400 kaarten om de complete The Scarlet Keys campaign te kunnen spelen.

Let op: Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set is vereist om met deze expansie te kunnen spelen.

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Into his mind floated pictures of alien orbs with great stone towers, and other orbs with titan mountains and no mark of life…
–H.P. Lovecraft, “The Haunter of the Dark”

taal Strange disappearances haunt the city of Arkham, Massachusetts. With each object, building, or person that vanishes, they are erased not just from physical existence, but from history and memory as well. Only a select few investigators remember those that disappeared–or so they believe. Before long, the mystery unravels into an international conspiracy, and our wary investigators find themselves recruited by a shadowy government agency whose sole purpose is the collection and research of paradimensional implements they call “Keys.” However, they aren’t the only ones searching for them…

In The Scarlet Keys Campaign Expansion, one to four investigators are sent on a dangerous assignment comprising up to ten scenarios all across the globe. Travel around a map of the world and chart your path to discover eldritch Keys before they are found by members of the mysterious and deadly Red Coterie… or work together with your foes to stop an even greater threat that lurks in the shadows. But can you really trust them?

This expansion contains the entirety of The Scarlet Keys campaign. Players only need a copy of the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Revised Core Set to dive into the story.

  • 350 Scenario Cards
  • 43 Mini-Cards
  • 1 Campaign Guide
  • 1 World Map Sheet

This is not a standalone product. A copy of the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set is required to play.

bron: Fantasy Flight Games / Asmodee The Netherlands

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