Ratlings (Massive Darkness Enemy Box, expansion)

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Ratlings is een uitbreiding voor het boardgame Massive Darkness en bevat: 1 Ratling Crossbowmen Boss miniatuur, 6 Ratling Crossbowmen Minion miniaturen, 1 Ratling Warriors Boss miniatuur, 12 Ratling Warriors Minion miniaturen, 1 Ratling Agent miniatuur, 1 large Ratling Bully miniatuur en 13 kaarten.

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The Ratling people have always pestered the people of the land. However, with the Darkness’s growing power, these vermin have grown bolder, more bloodthirsty, and better equipped. Like their rodent cousins, they swarm the tunnels and scurry about on nimnble feet, striking and vanishing into darkness. There are even rumors of gigantic ratling bullies that rival the strenght of a troll!

taal Rats are a pretty common sight in dungeons. They scurry around underfoot and hide in the walls when scared. If only that was the only type of rat that explorers found. Ratlings are a bit more of an issue. These man-sized creatures pose a bigger threat, armed with crossbows, swords, and shields. Then there’s the Ratling Bully… We’re gonna need a bigger mousetrap.
The Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Ratlings expands the possible enemies that players will find when exploring the halls in Massive Darkness. It comes with 22 new figures and 13 cards. Included are crossbowmen, warriors, a Ratling Agent figure, and a hulking Ratling Bully.

    Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Ratlings contains:
  • 12 Ratling Warrior Minions
  • 1 Ratling Warrior Boss
  • 6 Ratling Crossbowman Minions
  • 1 Ratling Crossbowman Boss
  • 1 Ratling Agent
  • 1 Ratling Bully Roaming Monster
  • 13 Cards

Not a complete game, a Massive Darkness Core Game is needed to play with this expansion.
(Although these miniatures may also be used in any fantasy or roleplaying game!)

bron: CMON Productions Limited / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.

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