Night’s Watch Attachments 1 (A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures game expansion)

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Een uitbreiding voor het A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

De Night’s Watch Attachments 1 box bevat 10 gedetailleerde modellen waarmee de Night’s Watch spelers nieuwe opties krijgen. Naast de miniaturen vind je in de doos alles wat je nodig hebt om de modellen in te kunnen zetten.

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taal The Night’s Watch will gladly take in anyone and everyone in order to bolster their ranks. They are evil-vigilant protectors of the Wall, keeping Westeros safe from the terrors that lie farther north. Battles against these horrors quickly weed out anyone who is unfit for the Black. All that remains are the grizzled veterans. These knowledgeable warriors are often dispersed throughout the ranks of other units, sharing their expertise with others and bolstering their fighting prowess by their presence.

The Night’s Watch Attachments 1 box set for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Night’s Watch players a whole host of new options when building their forces. It contains 10 new figures that can be added to units giving them new abilities and orders. Some are even units in their own right. Use them to bolster a unit’s weaknesses or make their strengths even stronger, ensuring that at the end of the battle, the Night’s Watch once more stands triumphant against anyone that would threaten Westeros.

Not a complete game. Requires a Night’s Watch Starter Set to play.

  • 10 Miniatures:
    • 2 Watch Captains
    • 2 Watch Recruiters
    • 2 Senior Builders
    • 2 Hardened Rangers
    • 2 Watch Marshals

  • 2 Unit Cards
  • 10 Attachment Cards
  • 1 Special Rules Cards
  • 2 Solo Movement Trays

bron: Cool Mini Or Not / Asmodee The Netherlands

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Weight279 g
Dimensions15,5 × 22,5 × 6 cm




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