Godtear: Eternal Glade Starter Set

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A miniatures game of ascendant champions battling in a broken world

Kies je kampioenen, stel je warband samen en bereid je voor op de strijd in dit snelle miniaturenspel voor twee spelers. Vecht voor de controle over de kostbare godentranen die over het land verspreid zijn.

De snelle gameplay van Godtear lanceert je direct in de actie. Maar het spel kent meer dan genoeg tactische uitdagingen om onder de knie te krijgen terwijl je de factieloze wereld van The Cradle verkent.

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The Godtears await the Chosen.

taal Even gods can die. As they fall, only their divine essence remains, great crystal meteors known as godtears raining from the skies to land in the mortal realm. A few rare mortal champions are able to withstand and harness the immense power of a godtear but, once they taste that power, they are driven by an endless ambition to gain more.

Godtear is a dynamic tabletop combat game for two players. Taking control of your warband, you’ll fight to claim godtears, ascend the throne of immortality, and gain untold power.

  • Dynamic tabletop combat game for 2 players
  • Fast to set up and learn. Choose your champion and prepare for battle!
  • 12 unique, highly detailed miniatures
  • All the tokens, dice and boards you need to play Godtear
  • No assembly needed—all miniatures come pre-assembled and pre-coloured
  • Godtear’s fluid combat and straightforward mechanics are ideal for beginners
  • Whilst dynamic scenarios and shifting battlefields will keep experienced players invested

The Godtear: Eternal Glade Starter Set box includes everything you need for two players to get started:

  • 12 highly detailed, pre-coloured and pre-assembled miniatures:
    • Champion Nia, The Crystalmancer
    • 3 Quartzlings (Nia’s followers)
    • Champion Morrigan, Lich Queen of the Frozen Wastes
    • 5 Cold Bones (Morrigan’s followers)
    • 2 Banners

  • Double-Sided Battlefield
  • 10 Dice
  • 24 Objective Hexes
  • 6 Profile Cards
  • 3 Dashboards
  • 85 Tokens
  • Rulebook

No assembly required! Godtear is an out-of-the-box experience.

bron: Steamforged Games Ltd.

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