D&D 5.0 Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons (sourcebook) LIM ART ED

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Gelimiteerde editie met Alternative Cover Art en soft-touch finish van Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons.

Discover how dragons embody magic across the worlds of D&D and how you can bring them to life at your table in this quintessential reference guide for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

nederlands: Wat is het verschil tussen een red dragon en een gold dragon? Wat is drakenzicht? Hoe beïnvloedt de magie waarmee draken omgeven zijn de wereld om hen heen?
Hier is je uitgebreide gids met alles wat je over draken wilt weten, vol met tips en tools die Dungeon Masters en spelers nodig hebben voor hun ontmoetingen met deze gevaarlijke magische wezens.

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Straight from the Dragon’s Mouth

taal This Limited Edition variant of Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons has an alternative art cover with a distinctive design and soft-touch finish.

Meet Fizban the Fabulous: doddering archmage, unlikely hero of the War of the Lance, divine avatar of a dragon-god—and your guide to the mysteries of dragonkind in the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons.

What is the difference between a red dragon and a gold dragon? What is dragonsight? How does the magic that suffuses dragons impact the world around them? Here is your comprehensive guide to dragons, filled with the tips and tools Dungeon Masters and players need for their encounters with these dangerous magical creatures.

Dragonslayers and dragon scholars alike will appreciate the new dragon-themed options for players eager to harness the power of dragon magic and create unique and memorable draconic characters. Dungeon Masters will discover a rich hoard of new tools and information for designing dragon-themed encounters, adventures, and campaigns. Discover a host of new dragons and other creatures. Learn about the lairs and hoards of each type of dragon, and how hoards focus the magic that suffuses dragons and connects them to the myriad worlds of the Material Plane. Discover everything there is to know about the most iconic monsters of D&D with help from Fizban, your expert advisor on dragonkind!

  • Introduces gem dragons to fifth edition!
  • Reveals the story of the First World and the role Bahamut and Tiamat played in its creation and destruction.
  • Adds new player character options, including unique draconic ancestries for dragonborn, dragon-themed subclasses for monks and rangers, and new feat and spell options.
  • Offers everything a Dungeon Master needs to craft adventures inspired by dragons across the worlds of D&D, with new dragon lair maps and details on 20 different kinds of dragons.
  • Presents a complete dragon bestiary and introduces a variety of new dragons and dragon-related creatures, including aspects of the dragon gods, dragon minions, and more.

For use with the fifth edition Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide.

bron: Wizards of the Coast / Asmodee The Netherlands

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224 pagina's, fullcolor, hardcover


9 November 2021 (first printing)


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