Builder Crossbowmen (A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures game expansion)

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Een uitbreiding voor het A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

De Builder Crossbowmen unit box bevat 12 gedetailleerde modellen (in 4 verschillende poses), klaar om ingezet te worden door een Night’s Watch commandant.

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The Builders are Ready to Take the Field to Protect Westeros.

taal The Builders are the designers, engineers, and craftsmen that keep the Night’s Watch stocked with arms and armor, as well as create and maintain the siege weapons along The Wall. But everyone in the Night’s Watch must be ready to take up arms when a threat to Westeros appears, including the Builders.

The Builder Crossbowmen unit box gives Night’s Watch commanders a dedicated ranged unit for their forces. Not very swift and lacking heavy armor, the Crossbowmen are still capable of dishing out damage at a distance. Their regular attacks have Sundering, meaning that they can easily pierce enemy armor, while their Order allows them to get a free attack on any enemy foolish enough to try and charge them.

Not a complete game. Requires a Night’s Watch Starter Set to play.

  • 12 Miniatures (4 verschillende poses)
  • 1 Unit Card
  • 1 Movement Tray

bron: Cool Mini Or Not / Asmodee The Netherlands

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Weight25 g
Dimensions15,5 × 22,5 × 6,5 cm




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